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Our engineering team specialized in

21 July 2015

1-    Tanks production:  In this field  we are start from the design according to

(API 650)and select the material according the code ,fabricate, assembly by using a technical procedure  to all products ,and we have a specialize team for installation .
     We are producing (horizontal and vertical) tanks of different purpose and capacity.
1-    From (1m3-100m3) for horizontal storage tanks water, fluids and oil derivatives.
2-    From (1m3-10.000m3) for vertical storage tanks water, fluids and oil derivatives.
3-    Fuel tanks above ground double wall (double jacket).
4-     Fuel tanks underground that designed to burial underground.
5-     double cylinder tanks (cylinder inside the cylinder)
6-    Double tanks inside the cylinder (cubic and Parallelogram) shape.

2-    High-pressure vessels gas and liquid production: In this field, we are start from the design according to (ASME VIII Div. 1) CODE for manufacturing of (LPG semi-trailer) (LPG storage tank) horizontal type with different required capacities.

3-    Steel structures production: In this field we are start from the design by using (SOLIDWORKS) program and analysis the steel structure, drawing all assembly and workshop drawing with all details, we can make a modification to the products at any step by using the program after finalize everything we produce according to the date that we have from program. We produce a various of steel structures according to the requirements of our customers.

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